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37 Special

This is my first full guitar build. There was a lot of trial and error. A lot of test pieces that didn’t go so well. And I built a lot of jigs and templates!

Plugging it in the first time, and hearing the guitar and pickups for the first time was an incredible feeling.

What was even better, was the look on my dad’s face when he realized it was his! It was a small gesture for all that he has been in my life and my sibling’s lives.



  • Wood
    • Body: The wood came from pallet supports used by Boeing. African or Phillipine Mahogany (?). There were various nail and bolt holes that I filled with body material, maple and mahogany
    • Neck: 5 piece laminate of Maple and Mahogany
    • Fretboard: Curly Bubinga with inlaid maple dots
    • Finish: Natural Danish Oil
  • Electronics
    • Neck pickup:
      • Resistance: 5.99K
      • Magnets: Alnico 5
      • Polarity: South up
      • Wind: Clockwise
      • Wire: 43AWG Poly-coated copper wire
    • Bridge pickup:
      • Resistance: 6.48K
      • Magnets: Alnico 2
      • Polarity: Forget to check 🙂
      • Wind: Counter-clockwise
      • Wire: 42AWG Poly-coated copper wire
    • 3-way toggle switch
    • Volume
    • Tone
  • Others:
    • Copper lined pickup and electronics cavity
    • Double action truss rod. Adjustable at the neck heel with a 1/4″ wrench
    • Bone nut
    • Frets: Nickel/Silver alloy. Medium height, wide width.
    • Gotoh tuners
  • Measurements:
    • 25.5″ scale
    • 1.75″ width at nut
    • 2 3/16″ width at heel
    • 1.43″ body thickness
    • Fretboard: 12″ radius